I had only one dream when I was a little girl… I wanted to have and try all the dresses in the whole wide world...
 I was obsessed by dresses and especially Moroccan caftans.

 When I was 16 years old, I had a part-time job at an ice cream shop. With my salary that I received every month, I decided to buy as many caftans as I could, and I held a photoshoot every month. My little sister (she was 7 years old) was my one and only photographer.

 The photo's I made, I used to send them to my friends and I showed them how happy I was with my purchases. - After a year my closet was FULL with all the dresses and I didn't know what to do. I had already worn them, I already had pictures of them, so I could not do much with the dresses anymore. I even hated to wear a dress more than twice.I was always into something new.

 My mom went crazy on me and she told me to sell everything. According to her, that would be the only solution. I didn't had any space in my room anymore, and to be honest, I didn't even wanted to sell them.

Not even the most ugliest caftan I ever bought that time. So I was thinking for a while, and I found out a better idea.... - I called out all my friends and I asked them if they had any upcoming parties.

 In Holland there are many parties every weekend, and as I had many friends, that applied very well. I told them that I'll rent them my beautiful caftans for a small amount, including my high heels and jewellery. They were very surprised, and as you can guess, my room soon filled up with my friends (customers ^.^) every weekend.

I told my friends how CLASSY AND FABULOUS they looked every time and I decided to use that also as my store name. 'Want to look Classy and fab?
 well you know where to go girl!' - So, I did it!
From one customer to 10 and from 10 to 20, after I hired a little store and I builed my name. Now a days I'm 27 years old, having a store in Holland, in Utrecht.

Still living my 'caftan dream' and trying to sell the most beautiful caftans to every beautiful girl out there. Every dress that comes in, I want to try first and with every new beautiful dress, my hearts makes a leap.
I'm happy to run Classy & Fab with my lovely team. For the future we have more plans and more beautiful caftans coming up.

Our goal is to let every girl feel classy and fabulous, and that just for a little price. We're here for everyone, and also for you.
We want you to feel beautiful in every way, but we want you to feel more beautiful in our caftan and to live also the 'caftan dream'.
Welcome at Classy and Fab.